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Porn Geek Cash FAQ’s

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services.

Porn Geek Cash is the affiliate program for Mr. Porn Geek's network of websites. It's a way for you to generate regular income from advertising our website review platform and other associated products. In other words, Porn Geek Cash is your ticket to ultimate riches!
Approval basis are done on a case by case basis. If you have been invited, then I'm sure you know how to reach me instantly! If not: please be patient, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome of the approval in due course.
This is rather simple: any person that clicks on a link to one of our pages is considered a unique visitor. Please note that we only accept visits every 24 hours from unique users – repeated clicks will not count toward your total. This is tracked via IP address.
That depends entirely on how much traffic you're able to send to us! Porn Geek Cash is planning for rapid expansion over the coming years, which means that we're investing heavily in quality traffic sources. Some affiliates may earn $50 a month, others $50,000 – it totally depends on what you're working with.
Please send an email through to our support team from the correct email address that you want your account to be associated with. We'll manually switch it over and then send you a confirmation once it's done.
Remove all cookies for Porn Geek Cash from your browser or try logging in using private/incognito browser modes. If you're still unable to sign in, reset your password and try again. Contact support if your issue persists – we'll have a look at your account and get you fixed up in no time.
In accordance with various privacy requirements, Porn Geek Cash allows you to completely wipe your account data from our system. Please email us with the subject "DELETE ACCOUNT" and it will be removed within 48 hours.
We pay at the end each calendar month. All earnings in each calendar month is paid in full as well. For example, you send us $800 of traffic from the 20th of Jan through to the 25th of Jan: this will be paid on the 31st of Jan. If you are unable to meet the payout threshold, your balance will be rolled over to the next calendar month.
Currently we support Paxum and PayPal, but we will be adding support for more options further down the track.
The minimum payout is $500.
Yes you can, but each domain name must be checked and approved from our end before you can begin sending traffic. Manual checks are required for most affiliates to prevent spam and abuse.
At the moment, yes. Low-quality traffic is obviously a concern and we may ask you to make a few switches to your promotion of Porn Geek Cash products if they're not financially viable for us to work with.
Quality websites with good traffic generally won't have high bounce rates when linking through to Porn Geek Cash websites, although we do check from time to time to ensure that affiliates send us genuine traffic that's worth having. As long as you have good traffic this won't be an issue.
We obviously value countries with a high rate of return on investment as being more important than those where users are less than beneficial. A mixture of tier 1 to tier 3 is fine, but if your ratios are skewed heavily toward tier 3 we'll contact you to renegotiate rates.
We have a number of banners in various shapes and sizes, but if you'd prefer something custom or have a specific part of your website that needs an advert, we can have our designers create something for you.
More Questions?
If you have any more questions about Porn Geek Cash and what we have to offer, please email us, we're always on hand to help: [email protected]